The Role of Religious Organizations in Influencing Politics in Orange County

In the late 1780s, a coalition of Baptists and theological liberals came together in Virginia to unite the state of the church. This petition asked that members of the Virginia Assembly play their traditional role as parents of nurses in the church. It should be noted that the outcome of this debate did not reflect the views of most American states that faced this issue at the time. Today, religious organizations have become increasingly influential in Orange County politics.

According to The Times' Orange County survey of religious beliefs and practices, parishioners constitute an important network of conservative politicians. This survey, conducted by Mark Baldassare & Associates, is the most comprehensive survey ever conducted on religious beliefs and practices in Orange County. In a county with a relatively brief political history, this ability of people who go to church to form networks has had a significant impact. Metz, a county's religious policy consultant who has helped publish “The Samaritan Strategy, Another Christian Political Manual,” believes there is a growing sense that the Christian community needs an administration.

However, veteran politicians point out that the incursion into politics by those committed to religion is often marked by idealism and political naivety. Religion and politics are so intertwined today that it's almost impossible not to talk about politics in the church,” said Rev. It is clear that religious organizations have a major role to play in influencing politics in Orange County. Through their networks and resources, they are able to shape public opinion and sway elections.

As such, it is important for citizens to be aware of how these organizations are influencing politics in their county.