Who Runs Orange County, California?

Orange County, California is a vibrant and diverse region of the United States. It is home to a variety of cultures, businesses, and political affiliations. The county is overseen by Supervisor Andrew Do and Vice President of the First District, Andrew Do. The majority of Orange County's population resides in one of the two shallow coastal valleys found in the watershed, the Santa Ana Valley and the Saddleback Valley.

Orange County has many Republican voters from culturally conservative Asian, American, Latino and Middle Eastern immigrant groups. It benefited from the completion of the Pacific Electric Railway, a streetcar that connected Los Angeles to Santa Ana and Newport Beach, on July 4, 1904. After several failed attempts in previous sessions, the California legislature passed a bill that authorized the part of Los Angeles County south of Coyote Creek to hold a referendum on whether to remain part of Los Angeles County or to separate and form a new county that would be called “Orange”.Northern Orange County, which includes Anaheim, Fullerton, Garden Grove and Santa Ana, was the first part of the county to develop and is culturally closer to neighboring Los Angeles County. Alternatively, Irvine and Newport Beach are sometimes considered the center of Orange County, since they act as a transition zone between the north and the south; when taken from this view, Tustin is also considered to be in the center of Orange County. Make Orange County a safe, healthy and satisfying place to live, work and play, today and for future generations, by providing outstanding and cost-effective regional public services. Other Fortune 1000 companies in Orange County include Beckman Coulter in Brea, Quiksilver in Huntington Beach and Apria Healthcare Group in Lake Forest.

Shopping in Orange County focuses on regional malls, large power plants and smaller malls. In the 1980s, Orange County became the second most populated county in California, as the population surpassed two million for the first time. The county's other highways are state highways and include the Riverside and Artesia Highway (SR 9) and the Garden Grove Highway (SR 2) that runs from east to west, and the Orange Highway (SR 5), the Costa Mesa Highway (SR) 5, the Laguna Highway (SR 13), the San Joaquin Transportation Corridor (SR 7), the Eastern Transportation Corridor (SR 261, SR 261, SR 133, SR 24) and the Foothill Transportation Corridor (SR 24) runs from north to south. Orange County has produced such notable Republicans as President Richard Nixon (born in Yorba Linda and lived in Fullerton and San Clemente). School segregation between Mexican and white students in Orange County became widespread in the mid-1940s, and 80% of Mexican students attended 14 segregated schools. Another region of Orange County is the Orange Coast, which includes the six cities that border the Pacific Ocean. There are also significant Taiwanese, Chinese and Korean communities, particularly in western Orange County.